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ACADIAN ROOFING is an Island Owned & Operated Business. As the owner / operater, Robert Poirier is dedicated to exceed his customers satisfaction. For Robert, being in the Metal Roofing Business over 20 years, he’s been involved in Metal Products that has a long lifespand and seen they​ would benifit his customers. Also working with the public for over 25 years, Robert loves to discuss peoples needs and views when it comes to their biggest investment , their home.

At Acadian Roofing, we know that an investment in a new roof is one of the most important decisions you can make when upgrading your home, that is why we’ve gone above and beyond in ensuring that you receive only the best of expert advice and most flexible and effective range of metal roof choices !



Quality Products & Professional Advice

With quality exterior building products supplied by Acadian Roofing, homeowners will take comfort in worry-free maintenance for decades to come. When its time to re-roof, plan an addition, garden shed or garage, Acadian Roofing carries an infinite number of quality exterior building products to compliment any home or cottage etc…

At Acadian Roofing, request some professionnal advice and we will be more than pleased to guide you in the right direction with your project, by discussing with you some tips, advantages, guidance upon how to proceed and make your renevations successful.

    Owner /Operator

Ryan Arsenault


Corby Arsenault


Ricky Arsenault


Karter Poirier

Tyson Arsenault


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