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- Why Steel ?
- When you compare all roofing/siding products, you will find that steel has a very long and successful history of performance while being generally cost competitive

- How long can I expect my metal roof/cladding (shingle or panels) to last ?
- A steel roof/cladding is a permanent system, with little to no maintenance and with proper installation it will last as long as your home.

- Is metal noisy when it rains ?
- No ! The steel panels/shingles forming process provides not only strength, but also reduces any potential noise transfer when coupled with high density standard attic insulation .

- Will it make our home hot in the summer and cold in the winter ?
- No ! Unlike concrete tiles or asphalt shingles, which stores and transfer heat, metal absorbs and dissipates heat quickly. Airflow under the roof helps prevent the transfer of cold air and reduces freeze thaw cycles in the winter. Results include lower air conditioning and heating costs for your home.

- Will moss, dirt or debris damage or leave impressions on my metal roof ?
- No ! All painted steel shingles/panels allows moss, dirt and debris to wash off the roof natually when it rains.

- What about high winds, specially here in PEI ?
- Like most metal roof systems, Acadian Roofing's steel shingles and sheet panels are tested by manufacturers and will meet and exceed hurricanes specifications, with interlocking steel shingles and continuous panels from eave to ridge, there are no tabs for wind to lift.

- Will a metal roof attract lightning ?
- No ! A metal roof will not make a building more susceptible to a lightning strike. Lightning will tend to strike the highest object in a given area, regardless of what that object is made of. A metal roof can actually be beneficial in the event of a lightning strike due to being a non-combustible material.

- Can I install metal shingles/steel panels right over my existing shingle roof ?
- Since metal is lightweight, you can often attach metal shingles/sheet panels over the existing shingle roof, without tearing off the existing roof. This eliminates the cost and problem of disposing of the old shingles. When installing steel shingles a roofing underlay would be required for warranty purposes. When installing sheet panels, it is recommended to attach a 1"x4" or 2"x4" furring strip every two feet parallel to the eave and ridge. Check local codes to determine if tearing off shingles is required in your area.

- Can metal wall panels be installed right on the ground ?
- No ! Wall panels should be held up above the ground level to make sure the bottom of the panels are not in constant contact with moisture.

- What will a metal roof look like ?
- Metal roofing is available today in a variety of styles and colors. Whether you prefer the look of slate, wood, shingle, shake or traditional standing seam, there is a product to satisfy your taste.

Hopefully these FAQ's will help you answer most of the questions you may have. If you couldn't find the question/answer you've been looking for , please don't hesitate to call our sales rep or email us at : and we will more that pleased to educate you on your concern you may have .

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